Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The end of gym class for Malcolm.

Last week marked the end of Malcolm's gym class. He's enjoyed running around the gym, climbing on the apparatus, and smushing his face on the mats. Here are some pictures from his last gym class.

A million dollar smile, if I ever saw one. Try to find a happier kid, I dare you.

He's getting the hang of things, climbing, crawling, running, what's next?

Malcolm loves to get his sticker at the end of class, thanks Michelle.

Roger gave me a trim the other day, what do you think?

Here's Malcolm having fun with the spray bottle. He loved spraying himself in the face, he thought it was quite amusing.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just one more pic for Father's Day.

It's interesting when you have a full circle moment, and looking through some old albums made Roger realize that he's had one. Here's an interesting picture comparison. Grandpa Harry and Roger in the first picture and Roger and Malcolm in the second (both on their first birthdays).

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day everyone!

It's been a busy few weekends. Last weekend was Auntie Lorraine and Uncle Bill's 50th Anniversary party, and this past week we had Roger's birthday and Father's Day. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

Here are all the father's together to celebrate Father's Day. I think this is the first time I put a picture of Roger on the blog!

Malcolm enjoying drumming with his crayons at the restaurant.

"Hi Grandpa, Happy Father's Day!"

This is Malcolm leading all the cousins down the hall at the Anniversary Party. The little pied piper in his little kilt.

"Hey where's my dagger and sporran?"

Beautiful Anniversary cake.

To mark Roger's birthday this year we had the friends come over to compete in an Iron Chef challenge, Battle Birthday. The secret ingredient was Pineapple. The teams were divided into two, Team 1 (upstairs) and Team 2 (downstairs). Both teams set off to create cullinary masterpieces in 75 minutes.

Team 2's entry for dessert, pineapple muffins:
Pineapple/Chicken stirfry.
Cheese Quesadilla with Pineapple salsa.
Pork tenderloin with a pineapple glaze and chutney.
The Gennari signature dish, pineapple chicken in a cream sauce, accompanied by roasted potatoes and grilled pineapple slices.
Team 2's creation, pineapple cocktail.
Malcolm and uncle Steve.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Malcolm is 19 months old....

He's trying to brush my teeth.

Here's Malcolm's fake "mad' face.

Pictures from the Hat's Off Day event in Burnaby:

"I'm happy, I'm allowed to run down Hastings street."

Carol and her Mom.

"Hey look at that!"

Oops, I missed the post a few days back to celebrate Malcolm's 19 month milestone. Speaking of milestones Malcolm is communicating more, some additions to his repertoire:


milk, more, eat, sleep, cookie, out, water, cold, bath, all done, oranges, key, hot dog, thank you, open,

Here's a list of all his words:

up, grandma, papa, mama, bye-bye, nite-nite, bubbles, ball, more, bubba (bottle), more, hot dog, please, dog

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

some developments....

Well I'm happy to report that Malcolm is officially off the bottle. Tracey and Roger have been transitioning him to the sippy cup and as of Friday even his before bed bottle has been eliminated. There wasn't much fuss and he's doing quite well drinking out of his sippy cup. Here are some pictures from this past week:

Malcolm sure loves to run free around the mall, here he is at Old Navy in Metrotown:

He was literally dancing down the aisles.

He was fascinated by the dolphins jumping out of the fountain. Actually he's had a newfound interest in water ever since his trip to the water park. He was really adventurous last night and stepped right into a puddle, shoes and all.

It was BNO last Saturday, here are the boys enjoying a round of golf at Fraserview. A good time was had by all.