Thursday, December 29, 2011

The holiday season is truly and exciting time for us. There are so many things going on, it's at times overwhelming. The house is decorated early, anticipation of Santa arrival is prolonged and the general sense of good cheer is all around. It's true this time of year is all about family. Tracey and Roger try their best to instil some tradition with the kids. Tracey had lots of Christmas traditions, but Roger's experience was a bit more spotty. To his recollection, some years they had a tree and some years they did not. With Tracey's experience things were more established. Her grandpa would make a huge breakfast, their stockings would hang at the end of their beds, etc... In light of our efforts I think the kids do really enjoy all the events at home and around town. This year the family was able to go to the Stanley Park Train, see the Trinity Street light display, Gingerbread houses at the Hyatt, Christmas Tree displays at the Four Seasons, the Christmas Market, visiting with friends, and last but not least have their picture taken with Santa. Just as fast as it all went up, all the decorations (with the exception of the outside Christmas lights) are now packed away for another year. Here are some pictures from the past several days celebrating all the events leading up to Christmas including some from Christmas morning. As always, Malcolm and Melody both got up early to see if Santa had dropped off some gifts, you can see the magical wonder in their faces.

Science World and Olympic Village: Christmas 2011 Vancouver Christmas Market: Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Visiting with Friends: Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Trinity Street Light Festival: Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas Day: Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

"Mommy do it".

Melody has been going through a preference phase where she wants Tracey ("Mommy") to do everything for her. It's even got to the point where she's ridiculous about even the smallest things. To give you an example, she was looking for her soother the other day and Roger had it in his hand to give to her, even though he was just inches away she exclaimed: "Mommy do it!" Hopefully this will be a short lived phase cause it's harder on everyone when she only lets one person do things for her. Melody has also been tougher to put to bed again. It may be because she's not feeling well, who knows! There was a pretty good stretch there where she was going down without much fuss.

Malcolm is now on winter break, already almost 1/2 way through the school year. He's doing very well at school. His behaviour is good, he's learning new things, and more importantly he's developing his social skills and getting along with his classmates. I think he's pretty excited to have a break though. Waking up early isn't always his preference, not to mention the mad dash to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and get out the door in time. Despite the school being a block away Roger and Tracey find themselves rushing a lot of the time.

Christmas is quite an event at our house, there has been a lot of lead up to the big day. Malcolm is very excited. I'm not sure Melody really understands, but she's going along with it all in stride. She's learned new words like: Christmas Tree, Gingerbread, presents, Santa, etc... Here are some pictures from last week at the Stanley Park Christmas Train and then dinner at Lombardos.
  Stanley Park Christmas Train Stanley Park Christmas TrainStanley Park Christmas Train Stanley Park Christmas Train Stanley Park Christmas Train Stanley Park Christmas Train Lombardos Lombardos

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas traditions.

Well the family trekked downtown today to make their annual pilgrimage to see the Gingerbread Houses and decorated Christmas trees at the Hyatt and Four Seasons Hotels. This year Melody was able to walk around all by herself discovering all the interesting sites. Christmas is truly an interesting time around the house, decorations are up, the sweet aroma of baked goods fill the house (from Grandma's kitchen) and that general sense that the holiday season is upon us. The family will be heading down to the Stanley Park Christmas train again as well later in the week. I wonder what else is in store? Happy Melody Hyatt Hotel Gingerbread Hyatt Hotel Gingerbread Malcolm at Pacific Centre

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Happy Birthday, again?

I wonder if it was confusing for Melody that we celebrated her birthday more than once. On her real birthday we went out for her favourite meal, breakfast, only we had it for dinner. She didn't disappoint; she ate bacon, sausage, eggs, etc... and came home to blow out the candles on some Dora cupcakes for dessert. A very quaint affair if you ask me, very cozy and nice. On Sunday, we had Melody's birthday dinner with all of her favourite family members. Roger bought an Elmo cake from T&T and despite the original snafu with the colour, it actually turned out ok. Grandpa Harry even had seconds! So another round of birthdays have passed for the family most notably ones for Malcolm and Melody. We officially have a 5 year old and a 2 year old in the house now. Here are a few pictures from Melody's party on the weekend. Next up, Christmas! Elmo cake? Melody's Birthday Melody's Birthday