Sunday, November 08, 2015

Malcolm's Birthday

Malcolm's birthday was a hit, on thursday the family went out to White Spot to celebrate. It was grandma, Roger, Tracey, Carol, Grandpa Harry and Annis for dinner. He got to enjoy his favourite mac and cheese. On Saturday, we had a small party with a number of his friends and classmates at the house. Tracey and Roger had put together a movie theme for his party, with four kinds of popcorn, candy and lot of kid favourites to satisfy the group. Best of all his best friend from school was able to join. Here are some pictures of Malcolm's birthday. untitled-1.jpg untitled-2.jpg untitled-6.jpg untitled-9.jpg untitled-8.jpg untitled-11.jpg untitled-12.jpg untitled-13.jpg untitled-17.jpg untitled-16.jpg untitled-23.jpg untitled-33.jpg

Monday, November 02, 2015

Our family photoshoot.

It's the first time the Roger and the family had their own photoshoot with another professional photographer. Who better than to take the pictures than his friend Pardeep. Pardeep is an awesome photographer and although normally known for his wedding work, he did an awesome job in capturing the family in the fall photos. Here are some from the shoot. The kids did great. untitled-3.jpg untitled-5.jpg untitled-10.jpg untitled-13.jpg untitled-12.jpg untitled-14.jpg untitled-2.jpg