Monday, April 18, 2011

Egg hunts and etc...

It was a pretty busy weekend as always... finally we had some dry weather to go and play outside. On Saturday the family went down to the Coal Harbour Community Centre to take part in a big Easter Egg Hunt. Fun was had by all, especially Malcolm, Melody and Aaden. They had face-painting, a giant bouncy house, toys, crafts and even some rabbits/bunnies on hand for petting. On Sunday, Roger even got out to cut the grass for the first time this season. It was cute to see Malcolm going over the lawn with his bubble mower pretending to cut the grass. Roger's just waiting until he's old enough to do it for real.

Also, we're happy to celebrate the Canuck's third win in a row, one more and they're on to the next round. Here are some pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt:
Easter Egg Hunt @ Coal Harbour
Easter Egg Hunt @ Coal Harbour
Easter Egg Hunt @ Coal Harbour

Monday, April 11, 2011

Uh oh, not again.

Melody and Daddy
So I think we're in for another round of colds at the house. Poor Grandma has been sick for over two weeks with a sore throat and other cold symptoms. It's tough when the kids get sick, they're cranky, don't sleep well and it drains energy from the house. From the looks of things, it's going to be a bit milder than before so I guess for that we should be thankful.

In other news, Nicole took first prize in her category at the PEAK Invitational Dance Competition on the weekend. She did so awesome, she sang and danced her little heart out. She was sure swell.
Nicole is Swell

Monday, April 04, 2011

Roger's back.

Quebec City Series
Roger was away on business for four days and we're all relieved he's back now. It's definitely a lot of work taking care of all the household duties alone, but luckily things went off without a hitch. Tracey did great taking care of the whole family.

Malcolm's digestive issues are still wreaking havoc with things still. When he has to go, it affects his mood, energy and attitude. We're all hoping he'll grow out of it soon. For the most part, it's probably tied to his diet. He eats a lot of carbs, dairy, and not so many vegetables and fiber.

The family did their annual trek to the Vancouver International Car Show, this year for the first time it was being held at the new convention centre. It's a beautiful building.
Malcolm at the Convention Centre
Melody at the Car Show