Monday, March 26, 2007

Trip to Stanley Park.

It's been a while since I went to Stanely Park, in fact I think it was Malcolm's first time. The weather has been so horrible with so much rain lately. We had to take advantage of the first sunny day. Here's some pictures of our walk on Sunday.
Here's a picture of me on the 9:00 gun plaque, oh and my new blue leash!
By the end of the walk, I was tired. Look, I even got to ride on the stroller with Malcolm. People were mentioning how lucky I was. Malcolm was checking out all the boats in the harbour.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Malcolm is able to sit in his exersaucer now. He wasn't able to do it before, but now his muscles are stonger and he's begun to reach and grab for things. He still isn't tall enough to touch the ground, but Roger and Tracey put a pillow under his feet and he does just fine. How much stuff does one kid need anyway? Not that I'm jealous; I got a cool new toy for my birthday last week. It's a cube that has different coloured balls that fit inside it and when I'm lucky some yummy treats get put in there too.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Today is my birthday!

I'm 2 years old today, 14 in dog years. I was born in Victoria, British Columbia on March 15, 2005 and came to live my new family Roger, Tracey and her cat Cleo a few months after. It's been a slice so far, especially with the recent addition of my little brother Malcolm. Even though, I don't get a cake Roger and Tracey got me some extra special treats today. Woof, woof! Happy birthday to me!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hey Uncle Lane from Calgary sent some nickname submissions for Malcolm:

The Malconator
Butros Butros Malci
Baldy McMalcolmstein,
Sleep debt Magee
BNO's excuse to stay sober

Thanks for those. I think Roger's favorite is Baldy McMalcolmstein. Roger was going to type all the Nicknames uncle Lane had, but thought it best not to make the blog submission R-rated; however, his all time favorite is "Soft Man". For some reason, some of the girls in Korea referred to him as such. Oh well... Here's a shout out to all the readers out in Alberta! Howdy! Woof, woof.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Malcolm is 18 Weeks old...

Malcolm is 18 weeks old today. Time sure is going fast. Roger is finally feeling better now and will most likely resume work on Monday. Also, Malcolm is heading to the doctor for the remainder of his four month shots, let's hope everything goes well. On the weekend we went over to grandma's house to celebrate Nicole and Manjit's birthdays. Nice presents were exchanged by all and best of all I got to eat some ham scraps. I love family dinners. It's always turkey, roast beef, pork, ham, or some other yummy treat. Here are some more pictures:

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Roger's been home sick with the flu.

On Tuesday afternoon Roger came down with a severe case of the flu. Tracey said that his temperature was 40 degrees at one point, we could have fried a yummy egg on his forehead. He's feeling much better now, and we're all glad that his fever has broken. I'm keeping my paws crossed that the flu bug doesn't affect Malcolm or Tracey, so far they seem fine. Here are some more pics:

Here's Malcolm in his new Bumbo chair, I think he's begun to find he has fingers.... Fascinating!:The kid is smiling in his sleep, cute huh?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Malcolm is 4 months old today!

Another milestone... my brother has made it to the 4th month. The celebration is a little bittersweet because it also means that he had to go see the doctor to have his vaccination shot (and another one next week). Tracey and Roger said that Malcolm took it pretty well. Dr. Lin commented how strong his legs were. Here are his measurements at four months:

Length: 61cm/24inches
Weight: 6.82kg/15lbs
Head: 42cm/16.5inches

Here's a picture of Malcolm trying on some watches:

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Update on the family.

Well after a period of unstability and uncertainty, (mainly due to the addition of a new baby and well... my feeling ill), I'm happy to report that all is well in the family household.

Even though, I cross my little paws every night that Malcolm will sleep through the night... it has yet to happen. It's really a roller coaster ride you know. Mainly, Malcolm has only been getting up once throughout the night to feed. The implementation of the routine has made things a lot more manageable for Roger and Tracey.

I've noticed that he's picked up lots of nicknames, here are a few that I've heard over the last four months:
"duder", "buddy"(that one gets used a lot), "budder", "MJ", "Malk", "Bud", "Pumpkin"(Grandma likes using that one), "M", "Poopy Guy", "Poopster", "Bangu-boy" and one that I hear when he's especially unhappy, "Crankster". I'm sure we'll be using that one next week cause Malcolm has to go in for his four months shots on Monday.

Tracey has been attending some events at the local community centre, a baby sign language class and a parent and tot drop in session run by the community nurse. The sessions have been good, she's been able to meet other Moms in the area. I think she's planning to take a Yoga class in a few months too.

Here are some more pics:
Here's a picture of me on bath day:
Tummy time!