Monday, November 26, 2012

Princess Melody.

What a busy weekend it was. We celebrated Melody's birthday with a small friends and family brunch. This year we tried to keep is small and only invited the people she wanted at her party. Also, breakfast being her her favorite meal, what else could be more fitting. It's amazing how many sausages and bacon slices she can eat. I think it's safe to say that she had a great time. She wasn't shy at all, it wasn't that long ago where she'd cry when someone new came into the house. When it was time to open her presents, she even declared out loud: "Thank you to everyone". Really we are very thankful to everyone for their kindness and generosity. Let's just say her doll collection now has been injected with a new cast of Disney Princesses. She even slept with Snow White in her crib last night. Here are a few shots from her party over the weekend. Here's a link to the whole set on Flickr.
Melody's Birthday 2012
Melody's Birthday 2012
Melody's Birthday 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Help-Portrait Vancouver.

The Help-Portrait Vancouver movement is something that is very important to Roger. He's been volunteering his time for the event every year. This year, he was the lead photographer for the event at the BC Children's Hosptial. Here's the behind the scenes video shot by Steve Tan:

The main event is happening on the 1st of December this year. The group from Help-Portrait Vancouver is currently seeking donations to cover supplies and insurance. Here's a link to the donations page. Help-Portrait Vancouver Donate Here's also another fabulous write-up about Help-Portrait Vancouver from the wonderful folks at 12x12yvr: 12x12 Photomarathon

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Malcolm's Birthday Party.

Malcolm's Birthday 2012 Despite the downpour of rain, we think that the kids had a lot of fun at Malcolm's birthday party over the weekend. There's something special about having the whole facility to yourself; no need to deal with strange kids and parents (other than your own). It's really just an opportunity to run around, burn off some energy while celebrating the boy's 6th birthday.

Special thanks to everyone for attending and showing such generosity in showering Malcolm with such an awesome array of gifts. He spent all day Monday playing with everything! We're all so lucky to have such amazing family and friends. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for help making Malcolm's birthday so special.

Oh by the way, Tracey and Roger are officially off of Subway and sushi for a while, ah leftovers! Here's a link to some of the pictures from Malcolm's Birthday via flickr: Slideshow

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Happy Birthday Malcolm .

Our boy turned 6 years old on Monday. Time sure does go by fast. It doesn't seem that long ago he was in diapers. He's now a first grader and well on his way. From what I've witnessed he sure is a special boy. Things that I noticed from the very start are still very apparent today. He's got an impeccable memory. He really does love to laugh. He likes new experiences and travelling. Also, deep down inside he does really likes to take it all in and savour traditions, he's a lot like his mom that way. Anyway, happy birthday to our boy, you sure have come a long way. We all love you lots. Malcolm's Birthday 2012 Malcolm's Birthday 2012 DSC_7813 - 2012-11-05 at 17-27-09 Tracey and Roger order some Octonauts toys from the UK, as they are not available in North America. He sure was surprised and happy! Just look at that face.