Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life in balance...

Happy Melody
No one ever said that raising kids was easy and to those of you who think it is, here's the reality:
-Scheduling, without it things fall apart (Reality = things sometime fall apart anyway no matter how hard you try)
-Plan, plan, plan (Reality = kids are unpredictable no matter how well you plan)
-Sure parenthood is rewarding, but sometimes it can also bring the lowest of lows
-There's simply not enough time in the day to do everything
-Sometimes you feel like whatever you do, it doesn't change anything
-You cannot rationalize with kids who don't quite grasp concepts like "being late".
-Some things are simply beyond your control no matter how hard you try and force it
Suffice to say, although Tracey and Roger appreciate all that they have with respect to Malcolm and Melody, it doesn't mean that they sometimes wish that life could be easier. They do their very best to make sure both kids are safe, loved, fed, encouraged, and nurtured... too bad the nuances of each of those activities can be so complex and taxing. Malcolm is at an age now where he is inquisitive, eloquent, and even charming; however, with these traits also come things like unbelievably stubborn, at times manic, and irrational. Tracey and Roger both await the day where life is simpler, less hectic, and peaceful. Is that asking too much?

Here are some pictures from Tracey's birthday dinner at Memphis Blues. It was a meat-fest!.
Tracey @ Memphis Blues
Memphis Blue Platter
Malcolm @ Memphis Blues

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Tracey!

Happy Birthday Tracey
Another year has gone by
Another year of happiness
Another year of family
Another year of growing
Another year of experience
Another year closer to retirement!
Love you very much,

Obi, Malcolm, Melody and Roger.
DSC_1585 - 2011-01-14 at 09-57-07

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whew, the computer is back and up and running again.

Whew! The computer is back from Apple all fixed and running smoothly again. It's been over a week since Roger and the family have been computer-less. The good news was that the Apple Care warranty took care of it all. It was estimated at over $1500 to repair so quite a relief for everyone.

You may also have noticed that the blog has been given a face-lift. We hope you like it. Basically, every year Roger tries to update the look and change the banner. I'm not sure if he's 100% happy with it, but for now it will do.

Roger and Tracey have enrolled Malcolm in ice skating. He's already had his second lesson with Rick at the Moody Park Arena and is doing very well. Here are some pictures from Malcolm's first two sessions:
Malcolm's Skating Lesson
Malcolm's Skating Lesson
Malcolm's Skating Lesson
Meanwhile, Melody is doing well too. If you can believe it, she's cutting two more teeth on the right side, I think it's the cuspids. I guess with all that eating she's doing, more teeth will definitely help the process.
My little grip... such focus and determination

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Mount Seymour Tobogganing...

Last week the Roger, Tracey and Malcolm headed up to the mountain for some tobogganing. Unfortunately they were met with a lengthy delay up the mountain due to a car fire. The fire department was deployed and it took over an hour to clear the incident. They weren't even sure they'd make it up the mountain. Patience was wearing thin, but they managed to tough it out and have an adventure that day. Chad, Wendy and Aaden even came along, sad news was Aaden fell asleep and rather than wake him from his nap they decided to go home. Luckily Wendy did get one run in that day. Here are some pictures from the event:
Made it.
Hard Work
Seymour Mountain...

Monday, January 03, 2011

Vacation is over, now it's back to work.

Sunset on 2011-01-01 at 16-44-19
With the holidays now over, the family is returning back to their daily routines. Malcolm is back to daycare tomorrow and Roger and Tracey will be resuming work again. Carol's Mom has been helping taking care of Melody and she's been really great. We're all very thankful to her to be able to help out. Melody is so close to walking independently now, tonight she managed to take several steps on her own. Roger managed to snap the picture above of the beautiful sunset on New Year's Day, such a stunning site.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

새해 복 많이 받으세요! Happy New Year!

On behalf of our family to yours, here's wishing you the very best in 2011. We hope that 2011 is the best yet! Health and happiness to all.
Obi running in the frost.