Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's Grandma's birthday tomorrow.

The weather in Vancouver has been miserable, fall has certainly arrived and with it has come rain, wind and cooler temperatures. Roger and Tracey have been busy cleaning and de-cluttering the house. I think something's happening, but I'm not quite sure what. I've been a bit stressed about all the upheaval, but I'm sure everything will be fine. Malcolm has been his cheery self, you know that kid has another tooth coming in, which now makes a grand total of 7! Thankfully it hasn't been disrupting his sleep. Here are some pictures from this week:

Happy Birthday Grandma, we love you!
"What are you looking at?"
Now even Malcolm has tried his turn at doggie obedience

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nick, Fabianna and Samba came to visit us.

We got a visit from Nick, Fabianna and my friend Samba. They came over for breakfast this morning. Here are some pictures from this afternoon. Fabianna is 25 weeks pregnant and is due sometime in the beginning of January.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Things are back to normal.

Everything has been going very well these days. Malcolm is completely back to being his wonderfully happy self after the stress and upheaval of his first vacation. He is still sleeping through the night and has even been sleeping in until 8:00 some mornings. He is also in the process of getting his 6th tooth! Before too long it will be time for his first trip to the dentist.
I am happy to have everything back to normal was fun to stay with Grandma and Grandpa though...they gave me so many treats and lots of love. Here are a couple more pictures of Malcolm in Hawaii....he did have some happy moments. He loves mini wheats even though he's never tasted them. I managed to sneak a taste of Malcolm's breakfast the other morning....yummy pears and yams. It's fun now that he is eating more interesting food. If I'm quick I can get some extra treats.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

They're back!

After a week in Maui, Roger, Tracey and Malcolm are back home. From what Roger has told me it was quite a trip. Everything that they say about travelling with a baby are true, "it ain't no walk in the park". Apparently Malcolm had trouble sleeping on the plane which made things that much more difficult to deal with from the start. Malcolm only slept one hour during the whole six hour journey there. Suffice to say, it was a tough week for Roger, Tracey and little Malcolm. At least it was really beautiful. I think they are looking forward to going back one day once Malcolm is older. Here are some pictures from Maui:

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Say what?

Roger, Tracey and Malcolm are heading to Hawaii for a week. I'm staying with Grandpa Mel and Grandma Nan. They're leaving this afternoon. Roger and Tracey are a bit worried considering this is Malcolm's first flight. I'm keeping my paws crossed for them. I guess the biggest challenge will be getting Malcolm adjusted to the new surroundings, time difference and sleep schedule. He's been sleeping so well these days, it's no wonder that Roger and Tracey are afraid to now mess with a good thing. For the past three months Malcolm has been going to bed at 8:00-8:30pm and sleeping right through till the morning, around 7:00-7:30am. The schedule has been a dream for all of us as the first few months were filled with many sleepless nights. I hope the week goes by quickly, I'll miss them. I'm thankful that I'll be spending my time with the grandparents, it mean lots of treats for me! Aloha.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bisphenol A (BPA)

Now I'm not usually one to talk about the dangers of chemicals and toxic substances, but we've recently found out that there may be some concerns about some of the plastics that we use. The chemical is called Bisphenol A (BPA) and it is present in all polycarbonate plastics. After reading the "Smart Plastics Guide Healthier Food Uses of Plastics" issued by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Polcy - Food and Health program (and doing some other internet research); Roger and Tracey have now decided to switch all of Malcolm's baby bottles from the current Avent system to the Gerber Gentle Flow bottles. The Avent bottles are made of polycarbonate and although they have been very good, a change is now due. Here's a picture of the Gerber bottles below. Oh, incidently they are alot cheaper than the avent bottles and are stikingly similar; so similar in fact that we are able to use the collars and nipples interchangeablely. We got ours at Walmart.
Some companies have even gone as far as marketing their bottles as BPA free (Evenflow and Born Free). Now most of the studies report that there is no danger to humans, or that the levels are well within the allowable limits for human consumption. Sure, although that may be well and true, why would you knowingly subject yourself (or our son for that matter) to something known to be harmful. Malcolm will not be drinking from polycarbonate plastic anymore.

(See Wikipedia for more information)
Here's another link: Bispehnol A (BPA)
Here's an article about an independent study in California.

Monday, September 03, 2007

2026 Winter Olympics...

How does the jersey look for Malcolm participating in the 2026 Winter Olympics, or perhaps the World Junior Championships? I think it looks good.

Here is another series that Roger put together titled "#2". That's right folks, this is the face made when Malcolm is doing his business. It's amusing, non? There's no mistaking it; grunts, cries and usually a red face to show us all that something is happening. At least it's never a surprise to anyone; we definitely know when his diaper needs changing.