Monday, December 23, 2013

Plugging away...

A year later and we're still having some behavioural struggles with Malcolm. Perhaps it's the excitement of the holidays that triggers things for him, but lately Tracey and Roger look beaten some days. They try their hardest to convey the right message, but often times it's still not enough. This despite bringing home the most excellent report card to date. It's flabbergasting to both Roger and Tracey what the teacher writes about him, cause it's a stark comparison how he can be at home. We're still dealing with outrageous tantrums, we're still dealing with less than kind behaviour toward his sister. Most days when they are getting along, it's just a matter of time how long it will last. These days especially there are outbursts, screaming, hitting and even growling. We'll all be glad once they finally outgrow it. At least that's the hope we all have going forward. Again, to quote his report card:

"Malcolm is a calm, patient, conscientious, friendly boy. He has settled into the class and he has made friends. Malcolm is well liked by his classmates, and he is also a good role model for them."

Can this really be the same kid who fusses about the smallest thing? We're perplexed to say the least.

 Here are some random shots from the past few weeks. Carousel 2013 Carousel 2013 Strathcona Community Centre - Women's Group Santa Photos 2013 St. Alban's Daycare Christmas Concert - 2013 untitled-16.jpg St. Alban's Daycare Christmas Concert - 2013 Lord Kelvin Christmas Concert 2013 untitled-19.jpg untitled-14.jpg Bright Nights @ Stanley Park 2013

Monday, December 09, 2013

The holiday season.

Well the holiday season is upon us, from the full squares on the calendar things are booking up quickly. From the sound of things, the ugly Christmas sweater party was a big hit, with delicious food, great company and some really amazing sweaters. A lot of effort was shown by many of the party participants. Lisa and Steve took first prize. It's been pretty hectic around the house with the tree, lights and anticipation slowly rising. Malcolm especially loves it all. Hopefully, it won't be a repeat of last year with "Orange Box Gate". In fact, he has been a lot better lately. Despite their unbridled excitement, we just all hope they understand the meaning behind it all. The importance of family and giving. I think Roger and Tracey really try hard in instilling important core values. Next on the list are more parties, the Christmas Train and the imminent arrival of St. Nick. For everyone who follows this blog, friends, family and strangers alike, happy holidays from our family to yours. We wish you the very best from the bottom of our hearts. Happy Holidays From the Hur Family 2013 20131208-DSC_9664 untitled-24.jpg untitled-19.jpg

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Melody's Birthday

Our little girl turned four years old last week and she couldn't have been more pleasant. We had a princess party on the weekend with many princes and princesses in attendance. Roger and Tracey brought in their friend Jenny to paint some faces as well (Melody absolutely loves facepainting). It's certainly a milestone to remember for Miss Melody. It's a big transition from being three to four, this time next year she would have already finished 3 months of kindergarten! I guess the biggest relief has been potty training success. Despite Roger's reservations of Melody actually being able to do it, she's been very, very successful. That's not to say it wasn't a stubborn transition, but now we're in a good place. Every kid is different and we can certainly see that comparing both kids. Now on to Christmas. untitled-3.jpg 20131124-DSC_9093