Monday, June 28, 2010

Whoa, what a weekend.

Malcolm and Deana
South Korea was eliminated by Uruguay on Saturday. Quite a match, Korea had several chances to score, but couldn't really capitalize on the play. It was a good run, hopefully they'll do better at the next World Cup in 4 years. On Saturday, Meena, Jody and Jayden came into town for a visit. Everyone went to New Brighton Park for a little picnic. The photo above is Auntie Deana chasing Malcolm. They sure look happy.

Malcolm started his first day of preschool today. Luckily it's a gradual entry to start. Tracey and Roger took him today for an hour and tomorrow a bit longer until he feels comfortable with things. So far so good, he seems to like it. He really likes seeing all the new toys and things. I'm not so sure he's interested in the other kids.
Malcolm's 1st Day of preschool.
Malcolm's 1st Day of preschool.
Here's Melody with Auntie Billie. Happy 7 months to Melody... whoo hoo!
Melody and Auntie Billie

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweet 16... World Cup hopes stay alive.

On to the round of 16 we go. It's definitely going to be a tough match against Uruguay on Saturday. We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed to make it to the next round.
World Cup Fever 2010
World Cup Fever 2010
Here's how it sounded when Korea scored goal #2 today at the Croatian Cultural Centre in East Vancouver:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Quite a nice Father's Day we had. On Saturday, Uncle Glen and the kids came over for a visit to help celebrate an early Father's Day with Papa. We all got to go for a walk around the neighborhood and visit Malcolm's two favourite places, the "Red Slide" playground and the "Blue Slide" playground.
Malcolm leading the way...
Red Slide Playground
Malcolm @ the Red Slide playground
Malcolm and Joseph
Nicole Flying High
On Sunday, the family went out to White Spot for a Father's Day breakfast. Here's a picture of the two fathers:
Father's Day 2010
In the afternoon, Roger and the family headed down to the "Drive" to partake in "Car Free Day." They walked up and down Commercial had a few snacks and took in all the atmosphere. Here are some pictures:
Car Free Day
Car Free Day on Commercial
Belgian Fries
Woodland Park

Monday, June 14, 2010

High Key test...

Roger bought a roll of seamless bright white paper from Beau Photo and wanted to test out some high key shots of the kids. Here are his first attempts with two lights.
Melody high key
Melody high key
Melody high key
Melody high key
Melody high key
Malcolm high key
Malcolm high key
Malcolm high key

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Roger...

Happy Birthday
The family's first trip of the season was quite a success. Quite a birthday present for Roger anyway. He got to spend two days with his wonderful wife and two fabulous kids in my home town of Victoria. They went to the Buchart Garden, Beacon Hill Park and got to experience their first family ride on the ferry. One of Malcolm's highlights was his first time sleeping on a sofabed and ordering room service. Malcolm liked riding the ferry, stinking BC Ferries only allowing dogs on the car deck! Anyway, a lot of fun memories to commemorate Roger's birthday. Here are some pictures from the trip. Most of the pictures were taken with Roger's new birthday present, his Nikkor 105mm Micro lens, some really nice results.
Waiting for the ferry.
Tracey and Malcolm
Macro Buchart Gardens
Malcolm Buchart Gardens
Macro Buchart Gardens
Macro Buchart Gardens
Hey come back here!
Batboys in the tree
In the tree
Ducky gaze
Special thanks to Uncle Kevin in Korea for sending Malcolm's Korea jersey.
World Cup Fever

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Now chicken?

Chicken @ 25.5 weeks
So in the past two days we've given Melody some strips of chicken and she ate it! I think she's eaten more chicken in the past two days than Malcolm has eaten in his whole life (pureed baby food not included). She's continuing to do well with all the table food.
The family is heading off to Victoria for a couple of days. I'm sure there will be lots of pictures to update when they return. I'm hoping the weather will hold for them, sunny thoughts, sunny thoughts.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Melody @ 26 weeks

Melody 26 weeks
Melody had her six month shots and all went swimmingly well. We got her weighed and measured and her results were:

Length: 69cm / 27.16inches
Head: 45cm / 17.7inches
Weight: 8730grams / 19.24pounds

She's basically in the 90th - 95th percentile in all categories, whoa! The doctor said that she's more like a 12 month old baby.

The whole family went to Hats Off Day in Burnaby today... it was great. The weather was beautiful. We were lucky enough to be joined by Chad, Wendy and Aaden. Here are some pics:
Westbound on Hastings
Malcolm's Hotrod
Malcolm and Wendy
The whole family, even me.
Aaden and Obi

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Broccoli Melody and baby-led weaning.

Brocolli Melody
Well with Melody celebrating her 6 month birthday a few days ago, Tracey and Roger have started her on solid food. They're taking a different approach this time and have not started with any of the conventional pureed baby food. They're doing something new called "baby-led weaning". A somewhat newer approach to transitioning a baby to solid food. Basically, they're letting Melody jump right into real food and letting her lead the way. She started on broccoli, peaches, carrots, and bananas so far. She's been doing excellent. She only really manages to eat a tiny amount, but it's all laying a good foundation to generate healthy and nutritious eating habits. This approach apparently thwarts picky eating and we all know her older brother can learn from it. Perhaps, that's the best by-product of this new method, it's made Malcolm more interested in trying some new and different things. Who knows, maybe it will motivate him to eat more vegetables like his baby sister. Wish us luck.