Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Tracey

Tuesday was Tracey's birthday. It's a bitter-sweet celebration knowing that Papa is still in the hospital. The good news is that he's doing much better, but we're all still unsure as to when he's actually coming home. We're guessing that the pneumonia has to be cleared up before any homecoming takes place. The hospital staff have him moving about, but now going on day 12 his mobility has been affected. They're also still dealing with some deep bruising on his legs, whether that means he needs a procedure is still up in the air. So the family (with uncle Glen) went out to dinner to celebrate. The kids gobbled down their dinners at the Old Spaghetti Factory and helped celebrate the event. Certainly, life with kids makes things more complicated. We pick the restaurants that cater to them, we choose times that make sense with their schedules and bedtimes, and ultimately we do it all for them. Good thing that Roger and Tracey are flexible and accomodating. untitled-6.jpg untitled-5.jpg untitled-3.jpg untitled-2.jpg untitled-1.jpg untitled-5.jpg untitled-4.jpg

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Papa suffered a fall at Safeway on Saturday. It was serious enough that Grandma called the ambulance to take him away. Now after three days the doctor has said that he has a pretty serious case of Pneumonia. Everyone is quite concerned because he's incoherent and very groggy. They've done a series of test and the good news is that he didn't suffer a stroke. Perhaps it's all the antibiotics and painkillers, but that's unknown. We were so worried about the injury to his leg that this pneumonia thing has really blind-sided everyone. We're all keeping our fingers crossed that he'll recover quickly and return home soon. untitled-16.jpg

Monday, January 13, 2014

Birthday parties and the beginning of skating lessons.

So with the return back to school Roger and Tracey have enrolled the kids in skating lessons again. Unfortunately, Melody's worst nightmare came true, a male instructor and not a single other girl in her class, d'oh! Suffice to say her first lesson was christened with some tears and upset feelings. Malcolm on the other hand, went off on his merry way and had a great time. Also, we can say for the first time ever, he's not the smallest one in his class! He's doing quite well and feels comfortable. We'll have to see what this week brings. Roger may have to step out on the ice with Melody to make her feel better.

This past weekend, it was birthday party overload with both Camila and Alexander celebrating their parties. It's a kid melee at these types of parties, all topped off with cheese pizza, juice boxes and cake. Two pretty big parties on the weekend. On Saturday we celebrated at the bowling alley celebrating Camila's 6th and Alexander's big bash celebrating his first on Sunday. Here are some pictures from both events:









Sunday, January 05, 2014

Back to work, back to school.

It has been a really fun winter break for the family. It's hard to believe that it's all over, Christmas, New Years', and time off of school. It's back to the grind of normal life again tomorrow. Lunches have to be packed, the kids have to be hustled off to school, and Roger and Tracey are off to work. Cousin Eun Yeop's arrival adds some more excitement for the family. She's a very sweet girl. We all hope that she learns a lot in the 5 short months she'll be in Vancouver. There was a bit of a scare today as she got lost a few blocks from home. Not to fret everything turned out fine, she just got a little turned around. She starts her English program at Harbour Centre tomorrow morning, we wish her much luck. I'm sure time will go very fast for her. The kids really like her, they've been very accepting that she's part of the family.

 The kids are still battling colds, with Roger also feeling under the weather these days. Malcolm's cough is going on three weeks! Fingers crossed the family is all on the mend. Here are some pictures from the past few days with cousin Eun Yeop front and centre at Granville Island and English Bay:
  untitled-1.jpguntitled-3.jpg untitled-5.jpg untitled-6.jpg untitled-11.jpg untitled-10.jpg untitled-9.jpg untitled-7.jpg untitled-6.jpg untitled-5.jpg untitled-4.jpg untitled-3.jpg untitled-1.jpg

Friday, January 03, 2014

Happy New Year...

Whoa in the history of New Year's Eve parties, the kids have never stayed up until midnight. Well, that streak was broken the other night. All in all, the kids were pretty good. I guess it helped that all the other kids were around to play together. They did apparently fall asleep in the car on the drive home. Not that surprising, I guess. In other news, Roger's niece is here from Korea, she arrived on New Year's Day. She's going to study English for 5 months. Currently, she's staying with a host family in Vancouver. We all hope she has a wonderful time. untitled-2.jpg untitled-1.jpg

Holiday season.

Now with Christmas done and the tree and decorations packed away until December. It's been a lot quieter in the house. The kids are good, or maybe I should say same as always. 2014 is going to be an interesting year for everyone. There are a few trips planned, Melody starting Kindergarten in the fall and the ever so problematic summer coverage that Roger and Tracey have to arrange during summer vacation. Here are some snaps from around town, oh and the 2013 in review.

2013 in Review

untitled-8.jpg untitled-6.jpg untitled-7.jpg untitled-6.jpg untitled-5.jpg untitled-4.jpg