Saturday, August 30, 2008

We're back from Whistler.

It was four cold and rainy days at future site of the 2010 Winter Olympics I tell you. Although we were lucky to have been able to reschedule our vacation to Whistler the weather sure didn't cooperate. We were hoping for some warm and sunny weather, oh well. There was a rather exciting moment though, I MET MY HALF SISTER! Can you believe it, we ran into a dog that looked very similar to me and low and behold she was also a Havanese. After some further discussion, we found out that she was also born in Victoria, to the same Dam (Mother). Here are some pictures from the past week.

Here's a picture of my half sister, Livie. See the resemblance, she's only 9 months old.
Cute lil' pup.
Future medal ceremony, we hope. Malcolm was surprised to be awarded the gold medal.
Malcolm at the Whistler Village playground.
Me relaxing with the folks.
In other news, Malcolm's mural is finally finished, here's a picture Roger took last week during its progress.
Over 20 hours invested and this is the final product. Some finishing touches left, but pretty much done. It was a labour of love and hopefully Malcolm will enjoy it for many years to come.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun in the August sun.

The family has been having a great summer so far, although I've heard Tracey complaining that it's going too fast (as usual). August has brought heatwaves and rainstorms and even some sunshine. One of Malcolm' s favourite things this summer has been playing with his water table and the garden hose. He really loves water and doesn't even care if it's cold. Sometimes I enjoy a drink from the water table myself; he always encourages me to have "more". Here are a couple of pictures of Malcolm wielding the hose.

Malcolm chillaxing with some tunes.

The family recently spent the day at the PNE. I didn't get to go even though I do consider myself a "super dog". Malcolm especially loved the giant slide. He went on it four times. Melan wasn't so sure about the slide, especially when she almost lost her favourite hat!

Next thing on the family's agenda is a getaway to Whistler. Even Malcolm's favourite cousins are going to be there. Paws crossed that there are no road problems this time and that Malcolm enjoys the long drive. I hope I get to stick my head out the window!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Visit to the Burnaby Miniature Railway.

Malcolm is very much interested in trains these days. He often sits in the car looking at his Thomas the Tank book for quite long stretches of time. He also loves when the skytrain passes by and repeatedly asks for "More." The trip to the Burnaby Central Railway was a treat. Although you may not tell from the pictures, he was seriously frozen with excitement. Here are some pics from the past weekend.

Conductor driving the train, it's a real steam engine.

Malcolm and Tracey, all aboard!

Hey wait a minute, who's having more fun here anyway?

Now it's Roger's turn.

Let's head down to the playground. Whoo hoo, the slide.

"La la la, I'm a happy boy, la la la..."

Blowin bubbles...

Team effort.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

BC Day long weekend.

It was a busy long weekend for the family. There were trips to Science World, rides on the Skytrain, a dip in the Toddler Pool, all topped off by a trip to the beach. Malcolm seems to have outgrown his aversion to the sand, cause as we all remember Hawaii was no walk in the park. A lot of fun things happened this past weekend despite our cancellation of the Whistler trip (crazy freak rockslide). Instead, we'll be heading to Whistler at the end of the month. Here are some pictures from this past week.

Walk on the beach at Jericho.

"Hey Uncle Bill, Choo, Choo!"
The next best thing to riding a real train, Skytrain. Malcolm enjoyed himself very much.
"I love this crazy place called Science World."
More Choo, Choos.
Malcolm can say many words now, about 75 and counting. Here's one he knows in two languages, Airplane and 비행기 .