Sunday, June 26, 2016

Melody's first tooth!

Melody felt her wiggly tooth, she tried to pull it out because it felt strange. She got a tissue, wiggled it back and forth and pulled it out! As blood streamed down her chin, she was very excited about it all. Unfortunately, Melody had bad dreams about the tooth fairy. She saw millions of tiny sparkles in her room and thought the tooth fairy was there to take her tooth even though she had written instructions not to. Malcolm's first tooth had to be extracted due to an abscess, which happened when he was six as well. Here are some pictures of the milestone. untitled-4.jpg untitled-3.jpg untitled-2.jpg untitled-1.jpg

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Choir and sports day!

As the year winds down, so does the academic rigor. As far as we know, report cards have already been submitted and we're now heading for the home stretch. Malcolm even has a end of the year field trip to Cultus Lake waterslides! Malcolm also had his end of the year choir concert this past Thursday. He belted out the tunes and looked good up there. untitled-1.jpg untitled-5.jpg Friday was sports day, Melody representing the Green team and Malcolm a member of Red team. They paired up the intermediate kids and primary at each event to balance things out. Here are the pictures: untitled-2.jpg untitled-4.jpg untitled-6.jpg untitled-10.jpg untitled-12.jpg untitled-16.jpg untitled-18.jpg untitled-19.jpg untitled-20.jpg untitled-22.jpg

Monday, June 20, 2016

Roger's birthday and etc...

A pretty big and disappointing revelation came to light a few Sundays ago... Malcolm has been hiding his assignments and projects and Roger and Tracey only just found out that he's now significantly behind on all of them. First it was a math workbook, then three year-end projects that he's supposed to have worked on, all neglected for almost 4-5 weeks. They had to bring the hammer down on him the last few days, he's been working furiously to try and catch up. He missed TKD on Monday and may miss some up coming events depending on how much work he can do. It's a very frustrating situation and things all came to a head the other night. Roger simply asked him why? Why did he not do his work all these weeks. You see, Tracey and Roger ask him every night what homework he has and repeatedly he's answered that he had none. Also, when pushed to answer why, he said that he simply didn't want to do it. It's such a shame because he's a smart kid, but lazy and unmotivated as ever. He often doesn't care to do a good job, he doesn't have that innate nature to do his best, but to do the bare minimum. Assignments and projects are only going to get more challenging, one can only hope that he turns things around soon. We're not sure if he'll ever learn though. Since then, one of Malcolm's assignments was returned and guess what? He got an "A". Not sure where the lesson learning comes in here. Basically, due to the diligence and prodding from the parents, he's come out on top again. In other news, Malcolm's baseball team ended up winning the division. It was a pretty big accomplishment considering where they started this year. I think we were 0-5 before we registered a win. The team was super proud and Malcolm has even made some strides, maybe next year he'll actually get a hit. We'll work on his fear of the ball during the off season. He's still got another year of minors so hopefully that will give him some time before moving up. untitled-39.jpg It was Roger's birthday last weekend. He's 44 to be exact. Roger and Tracey spent the evening with friends for dinner and pool. Roger has been feeling pretty good as of late. He's been on the Ketogenic diet for over two months now and he's lost almost 18 pounds. The birthday weekend was a bit of a write-off though, where he ate carbs and sugar in the form of ice cream and strawberry slice birthday cake. Let's hope 45 is just as good. untitled-14.jpg