Saturday, April 30, 2016

Obi - prognosis

So it's been a tough week. There's good news and there's bad news. The good news is that all the tests that have been performed have come back negative. Basically, this means that the cancer hasn't spread to any major organs, nor is is present in the lymphatic system. The bad news is that the one o the tumours was malignant. Also, for some other strange reason I've contracted some strange allergic reaction to something. My skin is quite warm to the touch and red. I haven't been able to eat anything all day. Roger says that no appetite for a dog can be quite strange, especially considering the number of things I have eaten in the past (we won't list those unmentionable things here). 

So basically the melanoma has been found in my mouth, but only in one place. The tumour that was removed over 10 days ago was malignant, but the other growths have come back negative. Tracey and Roger are quite concerned about me. They'll probably be taking me to the vet again either tomorrow or Monday. To get a diagnosis for oral cancer is quite a blow, but my current condition has left us baffled. 

Roger took some photos of me a few days ago, here are some of them:




Sunday, April 17, 2016


Malcolm is playing his first year of Minors this year. He's having some difficulty adjusting, fingers crossed things will improve. It comes down to his fear of getting hit by the ball when playing catch. I've been trying to help him, but he's very unmotivated and extremely stubborn. Roger would like him to continue to play little league, at least until he's 12, but we'll have to see if he continues to have fun. Here are a few shots from his first game. He went 0/2, but hopefully things will improve as the season goes on.


On Thursday we had some bad news on Thursday afternoon. A visit to the vet was due after Roger found some growths in my mouth. They were removed on Friday and biopsy results should come in on Monday. If the tumors are malignant, then we'll have to decide whether or not to start treatment. Good news is that there's a very effective vaccine on the market that has been working well.