Sunday, April 23, 2006

Roger and Tracey are back!

Roger and Tracey are finally back, whoo hoo! I am a bit angry with them, but at least they left me to some great peeps! Grandma and Grandpa are always so nice to me, giving me treats and attention all the time. Grandpa took me on the longest walk ever and boy was I tired. I even got to see uncle Glen, Manjit, Nicole and Joseph. I like uncle Glen a lot, he likes to play with me. Nicole even picked up my 'business'.

Anyway, Roger gave me a bath the very next day and I was in for a long session of grooming, he's relentless I tell ya. I kinda got away with it for almost a week, the grooming that is. Now, I'm clean and combed. Hey look, I'm driving the car, how's this for checking my blind spot?

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