Monday, December 04, 2006

Already a month old!

Can you believe my little brother is already four weeks old? Wow how time flies. Malcolm's face is changing, I think he's definitely gaining weight. His face and legs are definitely getting fuller. He can really be a voracious eater at times, Roger said that he drank almost four ounces for lunch the other day, wow that sounds like a lot doesn't it!

Finally the snow is melting, temperatures have been consistently above freezing for almost a week now. The only problem is that it makes my paws very dirty when I go out for a walk with Roger and you know what that means, more paw washing for me! Tracey and Roger also put up the Christmas tree this past weekend. Suffice to say it looks very festive in our house. Roger and Tracey want to take a Christmas photo of the family, so I'm sure they'll be putting my little Santa hat on my head in the near future. Here are some more pics of Malcolm and our Christmas house.....

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