Sunday, December 17, 2006

Malcolm is 6 weeks old today...

And to celebrate I snuck a piece of chocolate. Was Roger ever mad...he said that I could get really sick and even die! I didn't know, I just thought it smelled so yummy. Why did Tracey put it under the Christmas tree anyway? I thought it was for me. Oh well, I only ate a little bite and then Roger washed my least he didn't use soap. And he trimmed my feet today's been quite a day. I wanted to go outside a lot today...I kept ringing the bells. I love those bells! Sometimes I ring them just for fun, Tracey doesn't always seem to find it funny though. Here are some new pictures of my 6 week old brother. He's getting very chubby; he eats way more than I do., Malcolm is wearing outfits given to him by Uncle Ivis and Auntie Melissa:

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