Friday, February 16, 2007

Longest sleep ever!

I'm happy to report that Malcolm enjoyed an extended sleep session last night (the first time ever!). Tracey and Roger put him to bed at 9:30, he had a dream feed at 11:00 and he slept until almost 5:00am this morning. Whoo hoo! The dream feed idea is advocated by Tracy Hogg in the popular book, The Baby Whisperer. It is called dream feed because you don't actually wake the baby. You basically take the baby out of the crib and give it a breast or bottle and don't even change it unless he's really soiled and then put them back to sleep. The dream feed has been working really well so far. Malcolm drains the bottle and drinks at least 3.5 ounces every time. We've also been using a great swaddle blanket, called the "Miracle Blanket" that swaddles him very snugly so he can't wriggle his arms out. Most night we've found that Malcolm gets his arms free and wakes himself up because of all the flailing. Here's a picture of the "Miracle Blanket" (a special thanks to Janey and Bill for loaning it to us) Roger is actually bidding on another one on Ebay so we can have a backup, just in case.

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Daddy L said...

Hey! Another Vancouver Dad blogging! Alright, that makes four that I know now.


We gave our son a Dream Feed until he was over a year old, works like a charm.

In terms of flailing arms, our boy did the same thing, so at four months we moved him out of the bassinette and into his crib. There he could twist and flail all night and never hit the sides. Once we moved him into the crib he slept all night long.

We used, and still do, a sleep sack. We like it, his arms are free but because it's a sack, he never kicks the blankets off. Room 4 Two on Commercial carry them.