Thursday, March 01, 2007

Update on the family.

Well after a period of unstability and uncertainty, (mainly due to the addition of a new baby and well... my feeling ill), I'm happy to report that all is well in the family household.

Even though, I cross my little paws every night that Malcolm will sleep through the night... it has yet to happen. It's really a roller coaster ride you know. Mainly, Malcolm has only been getting up once throughout the night to feed. The implementation of the routine has made things a lot more manageable for Roger and Tracey.

I've noticed that he's picked up lots of nicknames, here are a few that I've heard over the last four months:
"duder", "buddy"(that one gets used a lot), "budder", "MJ", "Malk", "Bud", "Pumpkin"(Grandma likes using that one), "M", "Poopy Guy", "Poopster", "Bangu-boy" and one that I hear when he's especially unhappy, "Crankster". I'm sure we'll be using that one next week cause Malcolm has to go in for his four months shots on Monday.

Tracey has been attending some events at the local community centre, a baby sign language class and a parent and tot drop in session run by the community nurse. The sessions have been good, she's been able to meet other Moms in the area. I think she's planning to take a Yoga class in a few months too.

Here are some more pics:
Here's a picture of me on bath day:
Tummy time!

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