Thursday, April 05, 2007

5 Months Old...

Well Malcolm is now 5 months old. These are some of the changes and developmental strides he's made:

He rolls from his tummy to his back
Stationary objects are now much clearer but he still prefers strong contrasts, sharp edges and bright colors. He especially likes looking at Roger's t-shirts.
He can stand and with some assistance remain there for some time.
He can sit momentarily, but he tends to still tip over, darn heavy head!
He can grab his feet.
He's discovered his hands and fingers.
He smiles and giggles.
His hands are open and he reaches out to touch and grasp.
He can hold and bring an object to his mouth.
He's now up for 7-8 hours throughout the day.
He's become much more vocal, mainly grunts, squeals, coos, and other Chewbaca like sounds.
Some tell tale signs of attachment, recognizing who Mommy and Daddy are and even perhaps shows discomfort when he sees an unfamilar face.

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