Friday, April 27, 2007

Lots of hockey in Vancouver these days...

The Canucks beat the Anaheim Ducks to tie the series. Roger and Tracey got tickets for the game through a friend of theirs that works at Orca Bay. They were thinking of bringing Malcolm, but weren't able to find any ear protection that would work. So they'll be leaving both of us with Uncle Glen and Auntie Manjit on Sunday.

Also, Roger had his division final playoff game last night and won. They beat the first place team 5-1. Now they'll get to go to the regional final next week playing teams from Edmonton, North Shore, Chilliwack and Langley. He's a bit bruised after last nights game, here's a picture of a bruise developing from a blocked shot (kinda looks like a purple Pac-Man).... you can even see the imprint of the puck. As of today it started to turn purple. Tracey mentioned that it's too bad Roger loves hockey so much cause sometimes it causes some significant injury. In the last three years Roger has had seven stitches in his mouth and chin, double root canal and several bumps and bruises... too many to mention. Oh did I mention that I think Roger's crazy playoff beard is working!
I've also been teaching Malcolm how to type. Here's a sample: z v,,. f; m;efdmv., m. Here's a picture of Roger holding Malcolm at the keyboard.

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