Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day.

It's been a pretty busy weekend. Last night Tracey hosted a dinner to celebrate uncle Glen and cousin Joseph's birthdays. She made enough spagehetti to last the whole week. I got to have a taste when someone dropped some on the floor, it was delicious. Also, last night Roger and the boys went out for for their last BNO before Ryan's departure to Vienna. He'll be leaving in a few weeks then coming back for the rest of the family in June. It was quite a dinner... the boys feasted on steaks at the famous Morton's steak house. Roger said that there was a 48oz porterhouse that was $114 just for the entree and that's without any sides! Oh, Malcolm wanted me to mention a special Happy Mother's day to both his Mom and Grandma today. He's is always very appreciative of how much love and care he receives. Here are some pictures from the week:
Look at my magic fingers they're invisible!

A visit to Gomo Halmoni's house.

Always happy in the Baby Bjorn carrier.
Here's Malcolm grabbing cousin Nicole's nose.

The 24 oz porterhouse from Morton's.

Mmmmm.... key lime pie.

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