Saturday, May 26, 2007

I have to get my license today.

We received a license renewal notice in the mail yesterday. So Roger and Tracey will be heading to the Vancouver SPCA to renew my tags.

On the Malcolm front there was a significant development last night... he only woke up one time, whoo hoo! I hope that's a trend that will continue and improve. He also played in his crib for about half an hour by himself. We love it when he can entertain himself. It gives the rest of the family a chance to get some more sleep, including me!

Roger, Tracey and Malcolm had lunch with the family last week. In fact, they met with cousin George and cousin Sandra from Scotland. Tracey said that Malcolm was very well-behaved during lunch. He was extremely happy and didn't fuss at all. Here's a photoshopped pic from the lunch (you can see in the picture that Malcolm is sprouting his first two teeth):

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