Friday, July 13, 2007

Record breaking temperatures for Vancouver!

Well, we've finally got a bit of a reprieve on the weather. Can you believe it was 37 degrees the other day, I mean I love the summer weather but that was crazy. I guess it's even crazier to think of is that I'm covered in fur! So I'm walking around wearing my winter coat all year round. Roger thought it might be cooling to give me a bath, I'd say for the time I was in the water it was cooling, but we still had to sleep in the sweltering bedroom for three nights now. I decided that the better choice was to sleep in the bathroom where the cold floor tiles acted as my own cooling system. Let's hope the good weather continues, but the high temperatures we can do without. Malcolm now just wears his diaper to bed. Roger said that he sweat right through his shirt the other day.

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