Saturday, September 22, 2007

Things are back to normal.

Everything has been going very well these days. Malcolm is completely back to being his wonderfully happy self after the stress and upheaval of his first vacation. He is still sleeping through the night and has even been sleeping in until 8:00 some mornings. He is also in the process of getting his 6th tooth! Before too long it will be time for his first trip to the dentist.
I am happy to have everything back to normal was fun to stay with Grandma and Grandpa though...they gave me so many treats and lots of love. Here are a couple more pictures of Malcolm in Hawaii....he did have some happy moments. He loves mini wheats even though he's never tasted them. I managed to sneak a taste of Malcolm's breakfast the other morning....yummy pears and yams. It's fun now that he is eating more interesting food. If I'm quick I can get some extra treats.

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