Sunday, April 13, 2008

Almost every evening we go on a family walk (as long as it's not raining). It gives us all a chance to enjoy the longer hours of daylight, explore our new neighbourhood and get some fresh air. Finally, Malcolm has been able to go outside without being completely bundled up. It's crazy needing blankets, toques and mitts in April. We enjoyed some great weather this weekend- hopefully Spring is finalIy hear to stay. It's been too cold and wet for too long.

I'm sorry to say that Malcolm recently had a bit of a setback in the sleeping department. He's been a champion sleeper for months and months, but a couple of weeks ago he woke up in the night crying and upset and then it kept happening. Roger says it's because Malcom is getting more teeth and these ones are bigger so it's painful for the little guy when they break through his gums. But, it seems like things are back on track- he's his happy self again and once again sleeping through the night. Whew....paws crossed that this trend continues....I like my zzzzz's. Here are some recent pictures.

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