Thursday, April 24, 2008

more pics from this past week...

Malcolm's new shoes. He's got some little feet, doesn't he?

An ad for Glosettes if I've ever seen one. The pic was taken at Grandpa's store in Vancouver.

Good old Lane. Lane managed to make his way to the airport to pick up Roger despite the chilly temperatures and blowing snow. Roger said that it was -11 when he got in, brrrr.

Roger's trip to the red mile was a bit dissapointing, but here's some Calgary fans whooping it up! Too bad for their loss, maybe next year!

Roger's hotel in Calgary.

Ahi Tuna Sliders at the Metropolitan Grill in Calgary. The dish was quite tasty, too bad it took 25 minutes for the entrees to arrive. Hockey pool money well spent.

Good bye snowy and cold Calgary, hello warm and sunny Vancouver.

Shot with a circular polarizer.

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