Monday, May 05, 2008

Celebrate 18months, but it's tough when the little guy is sick....

Well Malcolm has been fighting a cold for the past week. He's got a runny nose, low grade fever and cough. He's hasn't been his cheery self, but is hopefully now on the way to recovery. In addition to all that, it seems like Roger has come down with the same cold.

Some developments to note regarding Malcolm. Here's a list of all the signs he knows:

milk, more, eat, sleep, cookie, out, water, cold, bath, all done, oranges

Here's a list of all his words:

up, grandma, papa, mama, bye-bye, nite-nite, bubbles, ball, more, bubba (bottle)

Here are some more pics:

Joseph's birthday party on Sunday at the house...

Hi Cola!

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