Monday, May 26, 2008

let's hope the warm weather is here to stay.

It's amazing how much Malcolm can understand. Although he cannot verbalize much of what he knows there is truly a lot he can comprehend. He can point to many things we ask, like body parts, different toys, food, and even members of the family. Roger and Tracey have taught him a number of signs now and recently he's learned, keys and hot dog which he asks for till no end. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks:

Here's happy old me.

Isn't the house pretty, all the Rodos have bloomed now.

Malcolm went to the petting zoo, he's not quite sure about the goats. One he can handle.

Here are one too many goats here.

Malcolm knows the sign for "Out" and he uses it quite often. Here's a picture of a short-lived ride on the swing.

Malcolm loved walking up and down this ramp, he must have done it a dozen times.

We went to the New Westminster Hyak parade.

Vancouver Police Department pipe band.

I was happy to go with the family to the parade.

He loves his watering can.

Here's Malcolm taking a dip in his pool to cool off.

Granville Island water park, the water was so cold.

"Hey kid, what's that thing anyway."

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