Sunday, October 05, 2008

Malcolm is 23 months old...

Malcolm is now 23 months old. Some things we've come to learn while watching Malcolm develop.
  • He's got a remarkable memory.
  • He knows so many words, we've lost count.
  • Eating is still a struggle, unless it's ice cream, bun, cake, or oranges.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine is known as "Bobby" in our house.
  • Veggies are for suckers.
  • The more bread products there are the better.
  • He's learning stuff everyday.
  • Long car rides are for the birds.
  • Poo poos are tough.
  • He's a very lucky boy to live in a house full of family members that love him so much.
Here's a picture of Tracey and Malcolm on the Skytrain, his favorite.Here's baby Camila, Melan and Uncle Steve.

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