Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dog food choices...

It's been difficult for Roger for the past several weeks cause I've been more finicky with my food. He's resorted to all sorts of measures to try and get me on a food that was more nutritious and overall better in digestion. With my long fur, things can sometimes get messy on the back end if you know what I mean. So although there was some initial success with the Orijen, then Innova Evo, we're now on the Solid Gold small bites. We'll see how that goes.

In other news, Papa Mel has been home for a week now and things are almost back to normal. He's feeling much better now and is settling back into a good routine. We all missed him very much.

Malcolm is talking up a storm now, and he says some pretty funny things. He his now able to read many letters and numbers to the astonishment of all. Malcolm sure is lucky look what Roger and Tracey recently got for him and it's wasn't even his birthday or anything! His very own bouncy house. Roger set it up in the playroom for Malcolm to enjoy.

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