Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taking pictures.

Over the last two years Roger has really come to enjoy taking pictures. He says that it's because the family subject matter is so compelling, sweet guy huh. Anyway, after almost two years with the Nikon D40, he's upgraded to the next level and decided on the Nikon D90. The new camera has a lot more features and is a significant upgrade in performance. Although the D40 has been a workhorse with exceptional results Roger has outgrown its capabilities. Over the past two years can you believe that Roger has taken over 13,000 photos (mostly of Malcolm, Tracey and me). As you can expect with that many photos snapped Malcolm has shown an interest in how the camera works. Roger decided to let Malcolm use the old point and shoot to get his feet wet. Here are a few of the better shots he's taken over the last several days.

I like this one of my side and Malcolm's shoes.
Here's a partial of Tracey's smiling face during the Canuck playoffs.
Little bit blurry, but pretty good for a two year old to keep the subject in frame.
This one wasn't shaky at all. Here's me looking out the window as always.
Malcolm's first train set.

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