Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beautiful colours this autumn...

DSC_4810 - 2009-10-21 at 18-27-11
The colours around the neighbourhood have been quite stunning this autumn. Like the changes in the leaves, we've been able to see lots of changes in Malcolm. You can tell how much Malcolm has grown simply by what he can say and do. This time last year we managed to take some lovely fall pictures, but this year he's so much more animated and verbal about what he sees. He can skip, jump, hop, and even sprint now. In fact, he was even able to help Roger rake the leaves in front of the house. They managed to fill up big garbage bin full of them. It was quite interesting to watch as he pulled leaves back and forth across the lawn and sidewalk. After all that, he'd scoop them up with both hands and then even pull the heavy bin down the walk. We can only imagine what he'll be able to do next year.

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