Saturday, October 10, 2009

Operation Big Boy Bed

DSC_4531 - 2009-10-09 at 17-20-26
It's a done deal, Tracey and Roger came up with the plan to tell Malcolm that the crib was broken because he was too big; lucky for us he bought it. The crib is now dismantled and in the garage attic space.

I guess things could have been better, but the bottom line is that we got through it without too much pain. He did wake up a couple of times, (at one point he wanted to sleep somewhere else) Roger had to tell him that there was no where else to sleep and that his Big Boy Bed was the best place. He woke up one more time around 3am and thankfully went back without too much resistance. The next couple of nights are going to be an adjustment, but we're all hopeful that he'll begin to accept it more easily. His old bedroom will only be a distant memory.

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