Thursday, March 18, 2010


Happy Boy
Funny to think that all the worries and anxiety that Roger and Tracey had about the new baby really evaporated once Melody conformed to a routine. Really, in the past several weeks and months, the more challenging issues have been with Malcolm. He's certainly a strong willed little boy. For the most part, Malcolm is a polite, caring, and energetic kid; however, that energy can sometimes quickly turn very emotional. We all understand the physiological changes and development that a 3 year old brain goes through. These changes can cause disequilibrium that can in turn bring on tantrums, tears, and the like.  It's funny cause when they ask Malcolm why he's upset (in the moment), he often responds with: "I don't know?" Which probably indicates that maybe he can't really control what's going on inside either. The most upsetting issue with all the tantrums and tears is that the very next minute he can be totally fine, without a worry in the world, singing, dancing and smiling. Meanwhile, Roger and Tracey are still trying to get over all the disruption and stress that has just transpired. I think in recent days everyone has been better about it all. Roger and Tracey have tried to be more neutral to the situation and in effect Malcolm has been better as well. No one ever said that raising kids was easy.

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