Saturday, April 03, 2010

18 weeks and counting...

18 weeks Melody
DSC_9999 - 2010-03-29 at 19-04-30
At 18 weeks Melody is:
26" in length, 16.4lbs and has a 17" head!

As you can see, Melody is definitely thriving...she's a big healthy and happy bundle of fun. She's so cheerful most of the time that it is quite a shock when she cries or is upset. She starts every morning with lots of smiles and giggles- so far she is definitely a morning person...she doesn't get that from me.

It's the Easter long weekend and the family had hoped to do a lot of fun activities. Unfortunately Malcolm is sick with a bad cold and cough and is not his usual cheerful self. Everyone, except for four legged me, is planning to go to the car show tomorrow. Malcolm is looking forward to seeing all of the different cars and sitting in all of the driver's seats.

Earlier this week Malcolm decorated Easter eggs for the first time with his good buddy Aaden. He also had some of his playschool friends over for a playdate and an Easter egg hunt. The weather has been incredibly cold, windy, rainy and stormy the last few days so the egg hunting took place inside.

Easter_Bunnies Malcolm and Aaden

We are all looking forward to Spring and, paws crossed, warmer weather and lots of walks. Happy Easter everyone. May all of your bunnies be chocolate.

P.S. Thank you to for the original bunny picture.

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