Sunday, April 25, 2010


Pretty huge developments in the house this week. Melody's two central incisors are breaking through. Lucky for the whole family she has been quite a trooper through it all. She's been drooling big time and trying to keep her in dry bibs is a full time job. I'm also happy to announce that Malcolm's potty training has been going great, he's been so successful this past week. He's even been dry overnight many of the days; however, today we reached a true accomplishment: "He managed to do #2 on the potty!" We truly thought it wouldn't happen and he surprised us all by just doing it. We made such a fuss while dancing and parading around the room. We also gave him a huge new train set (that we had purchased several months ago) to mark this great feat. We surely are well on our way now.

Go Canucks Go, they're on to the second round.... Here's Melody's 21 week game face.
"Bring on round 2!"
Game Face

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