Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Roger...

Happy Birthday
The family's first trip of the season was quite a success. Quite a birthday present for Roger anyway. He got to spend two days with his wonderful wife and two fabulous kids in my home town of Victoria. They went to the Buchart Garden, Beacon Hill Park and got to experience their first family ride on the ferry. One of Malcolm's highlights was his first time sleeping on a sofabed and ordering room service. Malcolm liked riding the ferry, stinking BC Ferries only allowing dogs on the car deck! Anyway, a lot of fun memories to commemorate Roger's birthday. Here are some pictures from the trip. Most of the pictures were taken with Roger's new birthday present, his Nikkor 105mm Micro lens, some really nice results.
Waiting for the ferry.
Tracey and Malcolm
Macro Buchart Gardens
Malcolm Buchart Gardens
Macro Buchart Gardens
Macro Buchart Gardens
Hey come back here!
Batboys in the tree
In the tree
Ducky gaze
Special thanks to Uncle Kevin in Korea for sending Malcolm's Korea jersey.
World Cup Fever

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