Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Nevermind terrible 2's...

Malcolm Waterpark
It's been a rough go lately, as Roger tweeted the other day: "Reasoning with a 3 year old is an exercise in futility. Doing and saying the exact opposite of what you want is utterly exhausting."
Malcolm has been less than reasonable when it comes to doing simple things. Any number of things can set him off and his defiance to daily tasks like eating breakfast or cleaning up his toys sometimes send him into a crying and screaming rage. I think that Roger and Tracey's recent approach of working with a reward system for good behaviour has been working with some success; however, it isn't easy. We all know that Malcolm is dealing with a lot of things, the development of his brain, identity and not to mention the start of preschool. These are all stressful events at the best of times. We're all trying our best, let's just hope that things improve. I guess the most heartbreaking thing is that we know he can be so, so good. He's an articulate, energetic, intelligent and inquisitive little boy, too bad that boy leaves sometimes and we're left with an unreasonable, inconsolable, little lump.

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