Saturday, August 28, 2010

9 months in comparison...

I think Malcolm was a little further ahead in terms of moving around, but Melody has sure dwarfed him with regards to weight. It's fun to watch both kids grow. For the most part they've been pretty similar with one clear exception: eating. Melody is eating regular food; implementing the Baby-Led Weaning approach has allowed her to eat everything. So far there's nothing she won't eat. Yesterday, Roger gave her fish, asparagus, pears, and watermelon for dinner. She gobbled it all up. Happy 9 Months Miss Melody.

Setup shot:
Setup shot
Melody almost 9 months.
9 Month Comparison:
Malcolm and Melody 8 months

Malcolm @ 9 Months:
Weight: 8900g = 19.6lbs
Length: 71cm = 27.9"
Head: 45cm = 18.1"

Melody @ 9 Months:
Weight: 9661g = 21.6
Length: 28.5"

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