Monday, September 06, 2010

Labour Day weekend, so long.

The last long weekend of the summer, we bid it farewell along with the good weather by the looks of things. It was quite busy overall, Roger even got to 2nd shoot for a large Indian wedding on Saturday. The rest of the weekend gave the family a chance to relax and gear up for the week ahead. Every one is doing fine, Malcolm is attending "school" (daycare) everyday now and Tracey and Roger are trying to get him to stay the full day. It's been a gradual process for sure, but Malcolm's made so much progress. He hardly cries when he's dropped off and he's even admitted that he has fun there. Here are some pictures from the weekend gone by.

Here are some pictures from Deep Cove.
Deep Cove
Deep Cove
Honey's delicious doughnuts, greasy but so yummy.
Delicious Honey Doughnut in Deep Cove
Here's Malcolm showing his sister some brotherly love. Don't know if you can quite see it, but Melody's already sprouted more teeth. All four top teeth have broken through now.
Brotherly Love

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