Monday, September 27, 2010

Ups and Downs...

Melody Thrill Seeker
Last week was pretty tough, the mayor of Tantrum town was visiting last week and didn't leave until late Friday night. Thankfully he managed to turn things around and we had a pretty good weekend. Malcolm has shown us that he certainly can be better about his behaviour when he wants to. As for Thursday and Friday, we'd like to soon forget. That's the thing, anything can set him off... it can be something as routine and banal as asking him to brush his teeth or asking him to put away his toys, at least that's what happened last week. Tracey and Roger have also realized that his bad behaviour peaks when he has to do #2.
Melody is still suffering from the sniffles, but has been a trooper. Even with a runny nose and some congestion, she's able to persevere. Her forward crawling has developed further, she's able to propel herself quite a ways now. She's still better at rolling, but the forward momentum is improving. Her eating habits have been great, there's simply nothing she doesn't like. She certainly likes all fruit, but lately has been enjoying proteins such as, red meat, chicken and pork.

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