Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thinking of you...

All jokes aside, as most people know I initially started this blog (for fun) to chronicle our lives as seen through the eyes of our Havanese dog, Obi. Most of the posts are dedicated to documenting the growth of the kids and all the trials and tribulations of this journey that we're all on. I hope one day we can look back on all the past entries and laugh together.

The blog has allowed me to share not only our lives with friends and family, but to also act as a creative outlet for myself. Sometimes the posts are simply updates, sometimes they represent an official log for us to come back to, in recent times it's an opportunity to capture the beauty that I see through my lens, and in today's case it's perhaps a voice to give me peace of mind that somewhere out there my Mother can hear me. It is a voice that has called out to proclaim my contentment, the joy and fulfillment I feel of being a father and husband, a true statement of well being. Today marks the 5th anniversary of my Mother's passing. It was a life-changing event that will never have resolution. Sadly, I have to admit, I don't think of her as often as I used to, but the fact remains although her death was tragic, that tragedy is unparalleled to the loss I feel that she never had the chance to meet my two beautiful and fantastic children. She was an amazing lady, I miss her dearly and today more than any other day. So again, I send this message out into space in the hopes that she can hear me and to let her know that I'm ok. I love you Mom.

Here's a picture taken in June of 1973, just after I turned 1, she was 25. She was just a kid herself.
Mom, dearly missed.

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