Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whew, the computer is back and up and running again.

Whew! The computer is back from Apple all fixed and running smoothly again. It's been over a week since Roger and the family have been computer-less. The good news was that the Apple Care warranty took care of it all. It was estimated at over $1500 to repair so quite a relief for everyone.

You may also have noticed that the blog has been given a face-lift. We hope you like it. Basically, every year Roger tries to update the look and change the banner. I'm not sure if he's 100% happy with it, but for now it will do.

Roger and Tracey have enrolled Malcolm in ice skating. He's already had his second lesson with Rick at the Moody Park Arena and is doing very well. Here are some pictures from Malcolm's first two sessions:
Malcolm's Skating Lesson
Malcolm's Skating Lesson
Malcolm's Skating Lesson
Meanwhile, Melody is doing well too. If you can believe it, she's cutting two more teeth on the right side, I think it's the cuspids. I guess with all that eating she's doing, more teeth will definitely help the process.
My little grip... such focus and determination

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