Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A couple of firsts for Malcolm.

Malcolm's First NHL Game
Malcolm's First NHL Game
On Sunday, Roger and Tracey took Malcolm to see his first movie at the movie theatre. All in all, it went well but he was a little scared during some of the scenes. They went to see Tangled, Disney's adaptation of the classic story of Rapunzel. He ate two bowls of popcorn, drank his apple juice and sat through pretty much the whole movie without uttering a peep. I don't think Malcolm will all of a sudden want to see more movies, but he did say he might want to see Cars 2, in June.
Also, as you can see from the pictures above Malcolm got to see his very first NHL hockey game. Grandpa Harry got some free tickets to a luxury box and Malcolm and Roger went to the game. They ate Pizza, Churros, Chicken Strips, Popcorn, Dibs, and drank Cranberry Cocktail and Orange juice till their hearts were content. Malcolm was a little scared from all the noise when the Canucks scored, but he soon got used to it and cheered along with the rest of the crowd quite willingly. Suffice to say, he fell right asleep as soon as they got home, which was 2 hours past his regular bedtime. Final score, Canucks 4, Ottawa 2. Thanks Grandpa Harry. Here's a link to some more pictures.

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Life with Kaishon said...

What a little sweetie! LOVE the picture with his Grandpa! Tangled is a great movie, isn't it?