Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to me, I'm 6 today.

Many things have changed in 6 years, looking back on it all there's a lot that went on most notably, we added two more family members and even saw a few pass away. I guess that's the nature of one's life, a culmination of experiences and moments we share together with different people. As time goes on, some of the strangers we meet become friends and some of the friends we have turn into strangers. In the wake of the Japanese earthquake tragedy, it makes you realize how fragile it can all be. We are absolutely lucky to have what we have and now more than ever it's time to reflect and be thankful. I love my family and I know my family loves me. What more could I ask for on my birthday than that.

Here's my birthday photo and some taken this week at Grandpa Harry's store. It's the first time Melody was there since she's learned to walk, although she played strange at first she quickly got the lay of the land and got acquainted with all the merchandise in the store.
Happy Birthday Obi, 6 years old
Melody and Malcolm visit Grandpa Harry
Melody and Malcolm Visit Grandpa Harry
P.S. We really hope Malcolm feels better soon. He's got an awful flu right now with a relentless cough and high fever.

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