Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy 6th Anniversary Roger and Tracey have already been married for 6 years now. They celebrated by going out to dinner in Yaletown. It's funny though, when ever they go out all they do is talk about the kids. That night in particular was poignant because they both vowed to try and enjoy life more, life with kids that is. Roger especially felt like he was being too harsh with Malcolm, perhaps setting expectations too high for him. Afterall, he's still only 4. You do really have to enjoy every moment that is presented. Sure times will be tough sometimes, but all in all the kids are only young once. This time will never come back again. 

So many transitions right now. First and foremost it involves Malcolm entering Kindergarten and Melody being looked after by a new person in the house. Luckily both situations have been great. Melody is so fixated on little baby E that she even cries when they leave. You see the caregiver that Roger and Tracey hired also brings along her son, baby E. All day long she points at E and says: "Baby". By the way, speaking of Melody's speech, it's exploding right now. She can say so many words now and everyday it's expanding. So far we have: Baby, Key, Hat, Hot, Shoe, Sock, Wow, Uh oh, camera, Obi, Mama, Daddy, up, Grandma, Papa. It's quite amazing to watch really. So all around we wish everyone the best of luck, Tracey, Roger, Melody and Malcolm.

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