Friday, October 21, 2011

Fresh Fall Leaves...

Autumn 2011 11
Autumn 2011 10
It's the season again, leaves are falling along with the temperatures in Vancouver. We ventured out last weekend to capture some of the beautiful colours of Autumn and headed back to the Shadbolt Centre in Burnaby. Roger wanted to test out his new light modifier, the SaberStrip to take this years' family photo. Such a comparison against last year's photos with respect to how much the kids have grown. Also this time last year the family was in Hawaii enjoying their time in the sun.
In other news, Malcolm has come down with quite a cold. He's even missed some days of school. Last night he coughed and ran a fever of 38 degrees. He's quite lethargic and very sensitive. Anyway, we hope he recovers quickly. Melody is also sick, but she seems to take things much more in stride. Her word explosion is gaining more momentum. She's even now putting words together to form phrases. A few days ago when Roger came home, she said: "Daddy home", quite heart-warming really. It's quite amazing the words she picked up along the way.

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