Friday, October 07, 2011

Roger's back from Moncton.

Three days may not seem like a long time, but it's an eternity when you're working as a single parent. Tracey's first night with the kids was pretty great, getting them both down by 8:15pm is quite a feat these days. The next two days were a bit more challenging. Sometimes we all wonder if it's actually worth it for Melody to have a nap because on the days she has one bedtime isn't usually until 10pm! Melody's sleep schedule has been a bit different from Malcolm's at the same age.
Moncton Trip10
Malcolm is still doing quite well in Kindergarten, in fact the teacher Mrs. B has designated him as the caboose. This means he's the last one to come out of the classroom and he makes sure the lights are off and the door is closed, quite a bit a responsibility for a little kid. He's accepted this duty with great pride and confidence. We are all so proud of him. Oh, also he's back in the pool again this term trying to get past level 1. The instructor had recommended that he wasn't quite ready to move on. Roger said that he's more actively participating in the lessons now, dunking his head, blowing bubbles and even feeling comfortable enough to float on his back.
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Melody is certainly growing up fast. It seems like everyday her words are increasing exponentially. She can mimic almost any sound and the great thing is now she's attaching meaning. Roger has been waiting for this stage for sometime, the word explosion has been detonated!  Malcolm has even contributed to her learning. He tries to teach her new words everyday. It's very cute to see them both grow up, although there are some flare-ups they've been playing quite well together lately.
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