Sunday, November 20, 2011


A good night's sleep can be so illusive when it comes to having kids, let alone sick kids. It feels like we've been dealing with sickness in the house for months on end. Good news is that it seems like everyone is on the mend and we have hopefully put it all behind us now. Malcolm's cough is finally subsiding, and Melody's viral condition has seen much improvement in the last few days. Roger was even fighting an infection for the beginning part of last week and luckily with a dose of some anti-biotics he's back to normal. 

The weather has taken a chilly turn in the past several days, but the family ventured out today to Granville Island. They enjoyed some lunch and shared an ice cream cone despite the near freezing temperatures. Everyone found out that Melody really likes mint chocolate chip ice cream. Here are some pictures:

Granville Island
Granville Island
Melody's word explosion has been fantastic to witness. The sweetest thing recently is that she calls Malcolm "오빠 / Oppa". Melody knows so many words now and is linking phrases together. She saw Malcolm climb the ladder while he was helping put up the Christmas lights and she exclaimed: "Oppa, up there!" Pretty cute stuff. 

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